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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  December 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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trump irks china by taking a call from taiwan's leader. temple plays live on 6abc with navy, a win by the owls would make history. those stories in a moment, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. chilly start, right? >> reporter: it's a little blustery, but it's seasonal. >> it's december. >> reporter: one thing that will be a pain will be the blustery windchill all day long. it will be in the 50s feeling like the low 40s. feels like 38 degrees in philadelphia. 37 in allentown 40 in trenton and atlantic city. 38 in cape may. and 38 degrees in dover. and you can see here, later this afternoon again the idea is a howling wind out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per
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hour. keep in mind at this point at 1:00 p.m., air temperatures will be close to 50. this is what it will feel like. overnight tonight, as the temperatures begin to drop, the wind continue. look at these, is as we get into tomorrow morning, it will feel like the mid 30s. that's the big story, the only story this weekend. it's a quiet weekend controversial, sun and clouds, blustery an somewhat chilly. highs today around 49. when i come back in just a few minutes, the pattern turns unsettled again, we'll talk about rain chance in the seven-day forecast and the coldest air so far next week. we begin at 9:00 a.m., a solemn sight unfolding police escorted the body of wilmington firefighter hope -- ardythe hope to the medical examiner's office. black bunting hangs over fire company number 5.
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she died from battling an arrests back in september. hope the mother of three fought for 68 days. >> i was with the family last night in the hospital during artie's final moments. i love that family. and i appreciate and respect the ability to be there. our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the fire department. we can tell you that the funeral will be next saturday, hope was burned trying to rescue two colleagues, jerry fickes and christopher leach from the fire, unfortunately, they also died. the woman accused of setting the fire, she faces a third first degree murder charge. 9:02 a.m. "action news" viewer sent in video of flames at a west philadelphia fire croarch.
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overnight. the fire left five people homeless. two women and a child and another woman and her teenage son lost their homes because of the fire. the red cross is helping the families. 72-year-old man hit by a car in lower merion has died. this morning, police are looking for the person who hit him and kept going. he was walking along the 600 block of riders mill road another driver found him, but he died at the hospital. if you have any information call lower merion township police. police in south jersey say they have tracked down a man they think is responsible for a sexual assault. they are trying to determine if the suspect has done this before. jeff chirico is following this investigation. >> andre showed up at the premises armed with a butcher knife. there was a tense standoff
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situation with officers that were on scene. >> reporter: camden county police chief scott thompson confirms the arrested of 29-year-old andre d. wesley of willingboro. >> they were able to not shoot him, which he was asking them to do. they used a taser to neutralize him. >> we would classify him as a serial rape i also. >> reporter: wanted for a brutal sex assault which stunned even the city's most experienced detectives. >> he is a predator of another dimension. >> reporter: he drove this white van when he picked up the victim on brad way and attacked her in an abandoned lot and she managed to call for help.
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>> reporter: in willingboro, authorities raided the home he shares with his family and it is there that police captured. the five time convicted felon is a registered sex offender and probably a suspect in other remains in the region. >> it's great for south jersey and the region to get the predator off the streets. he was an extremely dangerous individual. >> reporter: wesley is charged with attempted murder, aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping and more. he is being held on 2 million-dollar cash bail. while they served the warrant, they found evidence that could link him to other remains. jeff chirico which i channel 6 n news." >> the election is over, but some people continue to question the outcomes. ballots in 75 voting precincts are getting a look at election officials. the recount is in response to a petition filed by green party candidate jill stein. president-elect's lead in has
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shrunk from 79,000 to 49,000 votes. with trump's lead .8% goes to .5% it will trigger an automatic statewide recount. we'll keep you posted. >> reporter: donald trump is defending a phone call he took from the president of taiwan. david wright tells us why some are upset by this. >> reporter: china is ripping us off. >> reporter: on the campaign trail donald trump made a habit of promising to be a thorn in china's side. >> they are the greatest currentscy manipulateors ever. now he is keeping the promise by accepting a phone call. president-elect trump broke four decades of u.s. diplomatic traditions after since nixon's visit in 1972, the u.s. had one
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china policy. recognizing on one of the two countries that call themselves china. overnight he defeated that taiwan president's called me. top aids won't say if the fact that he took the call signaled a change in u.s. policy. trump has yet to announce a secretary of state the top diplomat whose job it would be to smooth over any bad feelings in beijing. trump is taking flak from a possible pick for va secretary sarah palin. sarah palin is going rogue in this op-ed blasting the carrier deal as crone tallism as a -- capitalism, a hallmark of crone exceptionalism. owls play navy you can
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watch it today on 6abc. they are going for another bowl game. they need to take down the navy quad. they have a staggering 342 rushing yards a game. >> it is an offense that challenges you physically and mentally. one guy makes a mistake they could go for a touchdown. it's a hard offense to defend, and all the more hard because they are such good players. >> temple has won 6 in a row. penn state who beat temple earlier takes on wisconsin in the big ten championship. you'll hear more from coach ruhle on temple football play book. we would like to remind you you can watch the aac temple navy game today at noon. ducis rogers will have a wrap up of the game at noon.
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a sister who is 71 years old met her sisters for the first time. a plane comes in for a bumpy landing and the pilot was waiting for the first responders. outside we go, accuweather will be right back.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, 9:11 a.m., a nevada woman's life long dream to meet her biologic family has come true.
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71-year-old katherine fisher met her sisters for the first time this week. she had not known that her sisters were hoping to buy her. her mother gave her up for adoption. her biologic sisters have the original clipping. >> we didn't know if she was alive or where. >> i never thought this could happen in a million years. >> it's a dream come true. >> great story, great reunion, what made it so difficult, fisher was never legally adopted and her berth certificate had incorrect information on it. great story there. hopefully you have great news. >> reporter: if you like it cool you'll be happy. and gray is not going to be very
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happy. let's get you outside to our city hall camera. you're looking at the holiday tree at dilworth park. it's quiet out there this morning, temperatures in the 40s, windchills are stuck in the 30s. so pretty much you'll need the heavier winter coat, first thing this morning, maybe gloves. later this afternoon, testers will get better -- temperatures will get better, highs close to 50 degrees. we'll keep the radars clear, that's good news there. 43 in allentown. 45 in philadelphia. millville, 45. cape may, 45. poconos a pair of 3s. by the way you're probably only climbing another 3 or 4 degrees later on up there. few you're going to do skiing in the mountains it will be cold. trenton, 44. beach haven, 45. there's the pesky breeze out of the west/northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. you'll have to deal with that all day long. satellite and radar we have high pressure sitting right here.
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as we all know by now, with the high the air sinks. it's hard to get any storms or anything like that. we could get lake-effect snowshowers for ontario. back in the delaware valley, sky conditions mixed with sun and clouds. what you're looking at, this is the united states, this is mexico, this is the southern branch. jet stream, this long line right here, this is all moisture moving from southwest to northeast. it is going to make a beeline toward the delaware valley again as we get into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the weekend looks dry, next week it's similar to what away saw this past week. all this rain comes marching in toward the region. weekend again looks good. here comes all the moisture building from the south. again, it will run up the spine of the appalachians. monday is dry, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, this whole mess comes northward and moves into the region. 80% chance of rain tuesday, wednesday, 60% chance of rain.
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thursday, 40% chance and friday this is where it gets cold lights out type-cold with an arctic front barreling through. high temperatures getting in the mid 30s, with the winds it will feel like the upper teens, low 20s. wait until you see what happens next weekend. for today, windy and chilly, 49 degrees. windchills in the 30s. bluster, you'll need a heavier coat. 5:00 p.m., 45. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's a quiet weekend overall. monday looks quiet, as well. clouds and sun, there could be a very brief early morning shower or snow shower in the lehigh valley monday morning. otherwise it's cloud and sun, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, periods of rain, drizzle kind of murky. it's not a nice stretch of weather here. and then there's the cold front, 36 on friday, windchills only in the 20s. gray? >> thank you for the update. here's a look at what's
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happening in and around the area this weekend. if you're looking for a christmas tree for the home. central bucks high school in doylestown is selling trees to fund the band program. each tree is 40 bucks. you can get into the season dicken sons christmas concert. some of the best musicians in the state of delaware will be performing as the fourth largest pipe organ will be played in wilmington. if you're down the shore, take in thitis of -- take in the sights of the holiday season at the cape may christmas parade starting at the cape may fire hall proceeds south on broadway to perry street and the washington street mall. up next, the assets some say could prey on kids. plus, a very important
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recall. later, "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: this is a pet rescued by the animal welfare association, you'll meet her and some of other friends coming up on "shelter me rescue of the week" on "action news."
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>> new this morning a bus carrying high school cheerleaders collided with a big rig in west texas along i-20 after a football. 8 people from the scene had to be rush to the hospital. of those, at least two are in critical condition and two others are listed in serious condition. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused this right here, a building collapse in south dakota. we know the body of a missing construction worker has been recovered from the rubble there. despite the heartbreak there was a happier moment. rescuers saved a 22-year-old
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woman and her dog. we are told they will be okay. the building was 100 years old and being transformed into a drug story. a pilot's quick thinking may have been presented a disaster. boy, look at this. that small plane landed on its belly in texas. the pilot noticed the land gear did not come down. he burned off the fuel and made the frightening landing. after he got off the plane he gave the first responders a big hug and told them thank you. inspectors from the faa will inspect the plane and figure out what went wrong. many force are at the heart of -- many forwards -- fords are at the heart of a recall. defective seat belts snap and there are reports of folks being injured. two people have been hurt in crashes related to the defective seat belts.
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aforesaid it will notify affected customers. in this morning's technically speaking. a report, there's a warning about an app that's concerning folks, yellow describes itself as a way for people to meet new friends they can talk with online. it works like tender, a person swipes like to connect with a person and they community through snap chat. online safety experts are worried that child predators could target kids by using the app. the app creator say you have to be 17 years old to download it. but there's no way to keep kids from signing in. yellow has five million users. plans for a billboard promoting ithism urging people
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>> thank you so much for staying with us. 9:24 saturday morning, 45 degrees, sky6 live hd over the philadelphia international airport. it will be blustery all day today. take a jacket if you're heading out. temple and penn state football teams play for a conference championship. penn state's rapid rise into the top ten takes a twist in the title game against wisconsin. a victory could put them in the playoff picture.
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>> we're excited to be here, and the opportunity to play for a big ten championship. after that, whatever happens we'll be very appreciative and we'll be blessed for whatever opportunity that we get. >> temple takes on navy at noon, you can see it right here on 6abc. more on that game coming up on temple football play book that's coming your way in 20 minutes. the eagles are preparing for tomorrow's game in cincinnati. receiver jordon matthews is questionable with an injured ankle. flyers play chicago in south philadelphia. the sixers are home trying to rebound from an ugly loss to the magic. something positive came out of it, joel embiid and okafor played for their first game together. they combined for 24 rebounds. "shelter me rescue of the week," a shelter in camden
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county has been making connections for 65 years. matt o'donnell has the story. >> reporter: jenna walker has been an animal lover. in 2013 with on a empty nest to fill, she adopted jackson. the two clicked. >> there was something about him, it sounds corny, we locked eyes it was this is my best friend. she adopted dexter two years later. the two are inseparable. >> they are best friends. they have to do everything together. >> reporter: the animal welfare association is south jersey's largest and oldest no kill shelter. >> we place 27 animals per year dogs and cats. this is a dutch rabbit. he is very calm and relaxed. he would be great for a first time rabbit owner.
9:27 am
>> scooter would love a home with orderly -- older children. >> reporter: parker came with a heart worm ease being treated and available for his forever family. >> he is playful and energic. >> reporter: sarah would love a quiet home. >> she is sweet and healthy and a nice lap cat. >> reporter: getting us into the christmas spirit is balsam a 2-year-old terrier mix came from a shelter in texas. she is extremely loving and ready for a forever home. visit the animal welfare association website. if you would like us to share your shelter success story post a picture to the "fyi philly" facebook page using the #6abc shelter me. and tell us where you adopted your pets and how much they mean to you. we'll be featuring your stories
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on up coming shelter me segments. with balsam i'm matt o'donnell. channel 6 "action news." did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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"action news," saturday at 9:00 a.m., flames force two families out into the night and video shows how intense the fire was. out of jail, outrage over the release of a man accused of killing a former nfl player and what we just learned about the shooter's past. live look outside shows a clear morning. it is chilly out there, a look
9:30 am
at how the weekend will play out in the accuweather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, chris a chilly start, no warmup in store, right? >> reporter: it will get seasonable high temperatures close to 50 degrees, we'll not see 60s like we saw earlier this week. as a matter of fact it's blustery out there right now. it's only 22 degrees with the wind in the poconos. 38 degrees is what it feels like in philadelphia. and feels like 39 degrees in millville. unfortunately these cold windchills will stick around all day long. by 4:00 p.m., it will feel like 23 in the poconos. 44 in philadelphia. and upper 30s in atlantic city. look at this, tomorrow morning, it gets colder, factoring in the winds, 20 for just about everybody. what you need to wear later this afternoon, heavier winter coat that's a good idea this morning. afternoon, add layers, windchills in the upper 30s and low 40s. the good news you'll need your sunglasses, we'll see sun and
9:31 am
clouds throughout the day. it should be a nice looking day. satellite and radar sun and clouds that's the general idea for this afternoon. aac championship game down in maryland this afternoon you can actually watch this game right here on 6abc. it starts at noon, temple taking on navy. you will see a decent amount of sunshine down there if you're making the trip. just like up here they are expecting a gusty breeze. out of the northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. excuse me, so temperatures will top out in the 40s, close to 50. with the breeze it will actually feel more like the upper 30s, low 40s down there. for today, back home in philadelphia, sun an clouds, windy, upper 40s for everybody. the winds, though, makes it feel like the low to mid 40s, when i come back in just a few minutes, we're talking arctic cold in the seven-day forecast which will make this look like a spring day. >> i knew the cold was coming. chris, thank you so much. 9:31 a.m., a family is sharing their grief over the
9:32 am
death of a woman in west philadelphia. she was an in the -- innocent victim that died in a car crash. dann cuellar has more. >> it don't make sense, beyond it. >> reporter: for ronald isom and his family it has been a lot to deal with, the shocking sudden death of his wife, 55-year-old carol isom. >> she was like the neighborhood mom, she did nothing but love and smile. >> funny, outgoing, always wanting to do something with her crafts to find a away out of no way. that was my mom. >> reporter: she and her husband were the parents of five kids all with cleej -- college degrees. >> she was a sister, grandmother, five times over. >> reporter: family members say she was going to the store around a corner, when she got
9:33 am
caught up in the middle of a police chase. police were pursuing suspects in two vehicles that were shooting at each other along westminster avenue. it ended at 52nd and locust when one of the suspects slam into the car owned by isom. the family declined to speak about the crash with the investigation on going. >> we don't have all the facts and don't know what happened we are not going to place blame on nobody until we know what went on. >> reporter: isom was working at the va hospital and recent resign to be closer to her family. her funeral is set for december 10 which would be her 56th birthday. >> she was a friends and this family's heart and soul. she will be missed. >> reporter: later today at
9:34 am
5:00 p.m. in the afternoon in the 200 block of south 53rd street there will be a vigil where she and her family lived. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." new this morning, a fire left five west philadelphia residents without a home. a viewer captured right here, the intense flames of ripping a part the home on the 5500 block of walnut street. two women and a child were in one unit and a woman and her teenage son were in the next unit. they are okay, they are getting assistance from the american red cross. >> first responders across the area are mourning the death of senior firefighter ardythe hope. she put up a brave fight for 68 days after being burned trying to save fellow firefighters. this morning, fire crews and police met outside chester-crozer million center before escorting had your body to the medical examiner's
9:35 am
office. hope was the mother of three, who planned to pursue a degree in nursing after leaving the fire department. a public viewing will be held next saturday december 10 from 10:00 a.m. until noon at the chase center on the wilmington river front. full firefighter funeral commencing at 1:00 p.m. a man on a bike is behind an apparent groping incident in south philadelphia. a woman said she was grabbed walking on the 700 block of south 16th street near pine street. police are saying it's too early to say if it is linked to the unsolved groping in the city of a man on a bike. there is no word on the cause of a fire that left 23 people without a place to stay in allentown. we want to show you the view from chopper 6 hd showing you the extent of damage. 8 homes damaged. 6 destroyed.
9:36 am
american red cross is providing assistance to the victims. the ashes of former cuban president, fedel castro are due to arrive in santiago, a city key to his early life and the revolution. thousands lined the street as a caravan carried the remains through. this is part of a cross country tour, castro died last week, he was 90 years old. a 9 day period of mourning ends tomorrow with the internment of his ashes. there's a revelation about the man who shot and killed former running back joe mcknight. >> reporter: no details police say a man admits to shooting former running back during a road rage incident. >> why was he released? >> reporter: investigators say
9:37 am
ronald gasser shot 23-year-old joe mcknight three times. the former u.s. standout was hit in the handle, shoulder and chest -- in the hand, shoulder and chest. >> mr. gasser admitted to shooting joe mcknight junior. >> the communities is outrage his killer was released from custody anne not charged. >> i want the truth to come out. >> reporter: according to records released overnight, gasser was arrested for a violent fight during a road rage incident in 2006 at a gas station at the same intersection where he allegedly shot and killed mcknight. charges were later dropped. on thursday, investigators say witnesses reported seeing the two men arguing. the sheriff saying mcknight was not armed when gasser fired the shots from his car. >> mr. gasser did not stand
9:38 am
over mr. mcknight and fire shots into him. >> reporter: still the sheriff said charging gasser before a thorough investigation is completed would be a rush to judgment. the family is overcome with emotion. >> i lost a friends, my everything. the sheriff saying this case is very personal for his department. the man who raised mcknight was a sheriff's deputy. eva pilgrim abc news. residents in gatlinburger, tennessee are returning home. hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed because of the fire. the wildfires killed 13 people and officials say that number could unfortunately rise. the washington monument will remain closed for the next
9:39 am
2 1/2 years since august, there have been safety concerns about the monument's elevator system. david reuben a billionaire philanthropist donated the money to fix it. it will be reopened by 2019. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast up next.
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>> welcome back >> welcome back to another edition of temple football play book, i'm jamie apody. you're back in the championship game, that's got to feel wonderful for you, that's >> reporter: welcome back to
9:41 am
9:42 am
another edition of temple football play book with the coach matt rhule, i'm jamie apody. well, you're back in the championship game. that's got to feel wonderful for you, that's got to be a sense of pride for the rest of the team. >> i'm very proud of our program, our team, our players, i'm happy for them and the fans. i'm grateful to have another chance to play and watch the seniors go out and compete at the highest level on tv and show what temple football is all about. >> reporter: first time back-to-back first time in temple history. >> it's the winningist two year run by any class. they have graduated they are tremendous in the community. they overcame adversity to get it done. i'm hopeful they can end the thing the way they want to. >> reporter: they say there's unfinished business you're players talking about that. >> for this year we plan on we
9:43 am
want to win the game this year. just having the experience understanding what it takes to win and having a group of guys, this group of seniors being there last year, taking a tough loss to houston, it's going to motivate us more to go out and compute at a high level. >> this time it was achieving a goal and winning the title for us, we were here last year, we lost last year, we know how it feels, we know what we got to do, what type of work we have to put in to make sure the result doesn't happen again. hopefully we go out there on saturday and give it our all. >> reporter: navy scored 75 points last week and 60 the week before. >> basketball scores. >> reporter: they are so high powered what do you do at -- what do you do with them. >> they have great players and
9:44 am
coaches. for us, we can't concentrate on them. they have to play our to your strength we have to get off blocks and tackles it's a simple game. our kids have to play as hard and as well as they can. >> reporter: your defense has been up to the challenge all year, let's hear from the defense what they will do with navy. >> our defense has to make tackles that they have to make. >> reporter: what kind of challenges do they present to the guys? >> they have great offense and great couple of players, it's us making the plays we need to make. >> it's us going out there doing our job, getting off blocks and making tackles, that's what it comes down to. >> third ranked defense in the country. >> they have done a nice job. >> philip walker, he has a
9:45 am
walking boot walking around, what's his status? >> he got hurt last week, very heroic playing out the game as he did. if he can go he'll go. >> reporter: for the offense, you almost wonder if feeling the pressure to match these crazy numbers they are putting up. does that exist? >> it can be out there, subbli. you have to go out and play the way we play, when you focus on yourselves anne play to the best of your ability you're more relaxed and you play better. >> reporter: sounds like your offense feels that way. >> we've got a lot of time guys flying around making plays. >> i don't come it puts any pressure on us, we have a process here that we're going to
9:46 am
follow as we would prepare for any other opponent. we know they will come out and play as hard as they can, and we have to match their intensity and come out swinging and play. >> i guess you have faith in your defense they can handle the navy offense. >> i have faith in our guys and the coaching staff. we have to focus on what we have to do. >> we'll hear from two temple seniors whose high school careers have mirrored their time here at temple, when temple football play book returns. aholidays are about joy again.
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it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> welcome back to temple football play book. coach, this is your first recruiting class to graduate and hit their senior year, what does it mean to you to have that first class reach their second conference championship game and have all the success.
9:49 am
>> first of all, i'm proud of them. it let us know we picked the right guys, they are winners and premendous men and do -- tremendous men and do everything the right way. we fulfilled our promise, we told them they would get a great education, we have 26 kids that earned 26 degrees, we told them they would play big time college football and we told them they would become the best men they could be. that's why i'm proud of them. i have a sense of relief we did our job. >> reporter: two seniors had an interesting career in high school together it mirrored what they have done at temple. >> reporter: they say everything in life comes full both teams struggling early on
9:50 am
and later finding success. >> when we first got here it was rough. 2-10. we went 6-6. we didn't get it right until a bowl game. it's crazy because we feel like our college careers will go like our high school careers start off pretty bad. as we get older they get better. as you see here it's very parallel, it's very similar, so we always had that winner's mentality even when we was doing bad. >> that's how our high school career went, 1-9. 5-5. 9-3. we had an opportunity to correct every mistake we made in our crease. the last year we had, win/loss column. that's what we did, we came together as a team. we came together as a team here. it's unbelievable. you have to trust in one another
9:51 am
be we believe in each other. that's what we had in our high school careers. >> reporter: after losing to pis scat way in 2011 they were offered a chance for redemption and another shot at the state title. >> we lost to the team. >> that revenge that taste we had in our mouth to hold that trophy up, over that four, three year span we were walking toward that. all remember is cutting across the field and getting into the endzone and feel like all that hard work just paid off. next thing you know, he in the endzone, he -- it's unbelievable one of the greatest times that i can say that i've ever been like, a part of it. >> it's one of the best moments of our life, because there's nothing like that feeling winning a state championship. >> after losing to houston last year in the conference final
9:52 am
much like their senior year of high school today marks an tiewrnt to -- opportunity to got on top. for temple football play book, i'm morgan signature -- siegfried, back to you. >> here you are getting set for the conference championship game, what have you learned this season? >> my mother gave me the best advance after an early loss. she told me block everything out and coach football and mentor the men in your program. spend all time focusing on the players and don't worry about records, do your job and do those two things, so, maybe i did a decent job of taking the pressure off and focusing on our flares and football andy it made it -- and it made more fun the
9:53 am
best times in my coaching years. >> mom knows best. i'm jamie apody, temple and navy, good luck today! >> and we would like to reminds you, you can watch the temple navy aac title game at noon today on 6abc. ducis rogers has a wrap up of the game tonight on "action news."
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comcast business. built for security. built for business. >> your time 9:55, peco is lighting up the holidays this
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season, "action news" is bringing you the best holiday displace from around the region. they are 'dorned with lights -- adorned with lights and decoration. the trees for troops initiative. since 2005, the program has shipped 176,000 trees to families in the u.s. and overseas. great program there. now a final check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: that's a good idea, i need to get that done today. get the tree and trim the tree. forecast for today, bluster out there. 49 degrees forecasted high. look for a combination of sun and clouds, with the winds it will feel like the low 40s. tomorrow, 48 degrees increasing clouds, we'll start out with sunshine, the clouds lower and thicken throughout the day. monday looks already there could be a brief passing -- looks all right, there can be a brief passing rain or snow shower.
9:57 am
tuesday, wednesday, thursday, periods of rain and friday, a cold shot 36. jack jack is -- jack hanna's "wild countdown," is next. online dating the norm, but there are risks, we'll tell you how people are fighting back. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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jack hanna's "wild countdown" countdown". by nationwide what does it take to hike the world's steepest trails? >> look at that, it's looking at us. >> get cozy on a rocky shoreline? >> have you ever seen anything that make rocks look comfortable before? >> or sleep on a sheer rock cliff? oh, he's the king up there. good night. today, seven species that live their lives where other creatures fear to tread, right on the edge. look at that guy, standing there. he's going to fall off the cliff. plus, my blooper of the week.


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